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Swanky Bazaar has come a long way since we began in 2004. Our vision was simple—to offer designer goods at bargain prices and provide the kind of customer service we would like to receive.

These past two years have been fraught with a lot of personal trials for our family.  In November of 2013 my husband was the victim of an armed robbery and was shot; 6 months later our property was damaged in a tornado that crippled over 80% of our small town; and then on June 10 of this year, I suffered a massive heart attack. 

My husband took off running when he saw the gun aimed at his chest - making himself a moving target. It proved to be his best defense as the first bullet fired went clean through my husband's calf - missing everything vital - and the second bullet must have jammed in the gun as it was never found. (Two shots were confirmed to have been fired.) Thankfully, my husband recovered fully within a few months.

Six months later, in the evening of May 11, 2014 an EF2 tornado traveled the length of our small town, wreaking havoc to everything in its path. Thanks to the diligence of one of our town's two police officers, who travelled up and down all the streets warning everyone to take cover, no one was injured. We are all still recovering from the damage - rebuilding, repairing what was broken, and replacing what cannot be repaired.

And finally, because these things only happen in "threes", (right?), I suffered a massive heart attack. To know me and to look at me, one would never have suspected that I would die of a heart attack. I eat properly, exercise regularly, and am fit and toned. No matter - while visiting my mother-in-law who was in the hospital, with my husband by my side and nurses and doctors immediately at hand, I died of a heart attack. Twenty minutes later, after having CPR and the defibrillator used FIVE times on me - at my husband's urging to bring me back - I did come back. (There is apparently a history of "widow-maker" heart attacks on my mom's side of the family - striking in the early 40's and early 50's.)

Today, as my family looks back at those tribulations, we laugh, shake our heads, know that God is on our side, and keep moving forward!

So now it's September. I'm getting my strength back and am excited to get back to business! I am in the process of building a new website (please bear with me as I tweak the links, etc.), and am reorganizing business operations in anticipation of and in preparation for the upcoming holidays.

We want all of our customers, new and established, to know that you have been our Number 1 priority from the beginning. We know you enjoy the freedom and the indulgence of online shopping and are proud to offer name brands known for their high quality at low prices, as well as designer products perceived to be hip and modern.

Marc Jacobs, Urban Outfitters, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein... the list of the brands that you love, the brands we offer, goes on.

Keep Calm and Go Shopping!


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