Morning Glories

Havanese morning glory

I took these shots of some morning glories a few days ago. There were three Havanese puppies jumping and barking - vying for my attention. Across the road a train was racing down the tracks - blasting its horn. Trucks were rumbling (too fast!) down the road - leaving huge clouds of gravel dust in their wake. And heavy farm equipment was working its way through the corn fields behind our home. All sorts of bustling activity all around me, but for some reason I was captivated by the verdant beauty of the fence and the morning glories. I’m easily distracted.

 But aren't they beautiful? The petals look like velvet. And the fence? It's the perfect backdrop. And the pictures I didn't post... they are blurry streaks of fluff. Havanese puppies streaking in front of the camera. But it wasn't long before they were distracted, too, and found rabbits to chase - well as far as the fence would allow them to chase. And that kept them busy for a while.

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