Meet Shasta!

Let me introduce you to Shasta – our fluffy little I'll-let-you-know-if-you're-getting-a-delivery-or-if-that-BIG-cat-is-on-the-porch-again live-teddy-bear Havanese puppy.

While only one years old, he is certainly Mr. personality plus!  He is curious about everything – his nose knows no boundaries and his eyes miss nothing. He loves to play, but is content to just hang out.  If I am on the treadmill, he is trying to get on behind me. If I am cooking dinner, then he is certainly under foot – just in case I drop a tasty morsel (to his dismay, that rarely happens). And when I'm in my office working, he sits contentedly on his window seat perch behind my desk chair. And finally, at night, after a few rounds of fast play with my husband he always curls up on my lap while I read or watch television. (He has a VERY dirty face in this second picture - from searching for yet another perfect rock - notice a few on the ledge behind him.)

He is a collector of rocks, a destroyer of rope toys, a great help with the laundry (hah!), and better than an Apple Watch – he will reach over and tug on my shoulder when he thinks it's time to stand up – that I have been sitting and working long enough. And – as he has just reminded me – he is perfectly capable, and might I add, very talented, at scrolling through pages on my iPad – especially when I am working on it! I have learned to diligently click the "Save" button as I write.

Shasta's our fuzzy baby. A handsome boy. I'll introduce you to his just-as-adorable older brothers another day.

P.S.  For those of you who are not familiar with Havanese puppies, they are a Bichon-type breed, the national dog of Cuba. They are non-shedding hypo-allergenic dogs, ranging in size from 7 to 14 pounds (our three weigh between 10 and 12 pounds). While many people allow their puppies' hair to grow long – to the floor – we prefer to keep ours trimmed – with the puppy cut. 


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