Going on a cruise? What you didn't know you need to pack...

There is no better feeling than beginning the year re-charging in the warm, southern sunshine… on the deck of a cruise ship. If you are planning to spend a week relaxing on the beach, peruse quaint island gift shops, and eat way too much glorious food before returning to work and the chilly weather prominent in most U.S. cities this time of year, then I’m sure you’ve already snagged the perfect swimsuit! But I bet you didn’t know that there are a few more things you should pack.

Whether you are a veteran “cruiser”, or this is your first time indulging in warm weather wanderlust, what you take with you — or more importantly, what you forget to pack - can impact your enjoyment of your cruise vacation. Following are just a few suggestions:

*Tylenol or Ibuprofen for headaches and such… and Dramamine for seasickness - just in case!
* A travel coffee mug - if you enjoy drinking more than 5 ounces of coffee at a time!
*Going on a longer cruise and taking more shirts or dresses? You may wish to pack a few extra hangers.
*An over-the-door organizer for your toiletries… the bathrooms are TINY!
*Anything you think you will need within the first 6 hours of boarding should be packed in carry-on luggage.

And for more suggestions on what to pack, as well as packing hacks (in case you haven’t already Googled “space-saving techniques”), click on the following link to visit the Cruise Blog by Shipmate: http://blog.shipmateapp.com/cruise-packing-tips-hacks/


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Have a great time! I know I’m excited to pack for the next cruise my husband and I are taking (yep - I said “excited to pack” - never thought I would use those 3 words together!)


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