How to Pull Off an Oversized Sweater


There's nothing cozier, or cooler, than an oversized sweater! And you don't always have to pair it with skinny jeans or leggings. You can mix it up and wear it with the hem tucked into a long skirt. Or wear it over shorts or a short skirt, then add a belt to cinch it in a bit. One of my favorite ways to wear this trendy fashion is off the shoulder. Such a soft, elegant, classy and subtly sexy look that you can pair with ANY bottom! 

Some of you might question whether you have the right body type to pull off an oversized sweater? The answer to that is quite simple. Choose a sweater that's not going to look like a "tent" on you, then pair it in a way that flatters you - whether it's tucked in, belted, or with skinny leggings, etc. 

In case you're not sure how to pull it off, I've grabbed some street-style pictures of some of the looks I have described (believe me, I understand. You want to go for "chic", not sloppy...)  So go ahead - have some fun. Mix and match your oversized sweaters with different bottoms - then try out some of the styles shown here: tuck it in; pull it off one shoulder; gather it under a belt - until you find the look that fits your style.

I hope my blog helps you feel better about the oversized sweater trend! You can find designer discount sweaters right here on Swanky Bazaar!  

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