7 Fashion Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Fake a Hot Body

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I know, I know. It's the first of the year. New Year's resolutions have been made. We've all signed up for the gym and have dedicated more time to a fitness routine. We've promised ourselves that we're going to eat healthier this year. For these are the bricks that pave the yellow-brick road - the road that will surely lead us to Oz - and that hot body (sigh). But let's face it, "the best laid plans... often go awry." Whether we're too busy to hit the gym, grabbing a fast lunch out while running errands (unhealthy because the choices are very limited), or just indulging (who wants to be a spoil-sport when getting together with friends?), we've all slacked when it comes to diet and exercise.

Fortunately, there are many clever fashion tips, tricks, and hacks to fake a hot body - while you're pursuing those resolutions, of course - and we're going to share a few. Let's start at the bottom and work up:

Choose shoes with a low vamp to instantly make you look taller and your legs look longer

A vamp? The vamp of the shoe is where it cuts across your foot at the front. Thus, low vamp shoes cut across the front of the foot near the toes. 

Footwear with a low vamp instantly elongates and slenderizes your leg when you're wearing dresses, skirts, shorts - and especially when you're wearing cropped pants! Low vamp shoes are a MUST if you are wearing cropped pants, which are notoriously bad at making legs look shorter. Did you know that wearing cropped pants with a high vamp shoe cuts about 6" off the length of your legs?!?

And what about boots? Knee high boots are VERY flattering! As the leg appears to start at the toe, they are low vamp. Wear your ankle boots with jeans or mini-skirts. Next time you see boots in a fashion magazine, notice how they are always paired with very short skirts or shorts (never knee or calf-length skirts).

It's in the jeans

One of the most slenderizing stye of pants is the high-waist. We're not talking about super high-waist garments that button up, or for goodness sake - have an elastic waistband! Look for bottoms with a rise that hits just above your belly button and have a zipper fly - and just a bit of stretch. When worn correctly, high-waist bottoms will make you look leaner by elongating your lower body. Make the most of that long, lean look by opting for a slightly cropped top, or tucking in a tailored blouse or t-shirt.

Cinch it with skinny, don't chop it with chunky

Define your waist - with a belt - but remember, we're going for a hot, fit and lean look here. So opt for a skinny belt. You want to draw attention to and flatter your natural waist. A chunky, or super-thick belt will cut you in half, and can make you look shorter, or worse - accent larger-than-we'd-like-hips!

Stripe it - across (not up!)

Everyone knows that if you want to masquerade a few extra pounds, you should wear clothes with vertical stripes. Right? This is so wrong!  

Any garment featuring horizontal stripes (running across) looks filled and longer from the bottom up, while fabric with vertical stripes looks filled and longer from left to right. This gives the illusion that an individual wearing a  garment with horizontal stripes is taller and slimmer than someone wearing a similar garment with vertical stripes, who then looks shorter and fatter. Look at the pictures below and see for yourself. Interesting, huh?

Wear all black to enhance a slender illusion

While wearing all black is lazy and easy, it's also sharp, chic, and powerful. However, other dark hues work well, too. Stay away from paler shades like beige, instead opting for a midnight blue, gray-green, or an oxblood red. Using one single color to create a vertical line and enhance the illusion of height is a highly effective strategy. Just remember to keep your silhouette crisp and tailored to enhance a slender illusion.

Now let's get intimate for a minute...

Let's talk about bras and shape wear.


When was the last time you were fitted for a bra? If you're like most women, you're wearing the wrong bra size right now. Having the proper space between your chest and your waist makes you look leaner. So either learn how to measure yourself to determine the correct bra size, or head to the nearest VS or other lingerie shop and get measured by a pro. And do this once a year - like when you make those new year's resolutions.

Shape wear:

Ugh! Flip the page, or change the channel, and there's another ad for Spanx or one of the other types of stretchy garments guaranteed to shave off pounds. But guess what? They work. And you're just looking for a temporary fix anyway - something to distribute and hold in those little bulges, while you pursue those resolutions toward a permanent remedy, right? So go shopping. Pick up a few shape wear pieces to help you look thinner. There are a gazillion types to choose from: slenderizing briefs, boy shorts, camis or full-body pieces that have reinforced panels to hold in your stomach, slim your thighs, boost your bum, and define your waist.

Become BFFs with your tailor

End-of-the-season sales! So hard to pass up. (oh my) But let's face it. While the price may be oh-so-right, the fit isn't always what it should be. And to look leaner, it's crucial that every. single. item. in your wardrobe fits you properly.

The hem of your pants should not be dragging the floor, nor should they be too cropped (they should just hit the ankle). The shoulders of your blouses, blazers, and jackets should hit your - guess what! - shoulders (the bony tops - not the meaty part just off the bone), and the sleeves should hit your wrist, not the middle of your hand, or behind your watch.

In conclusion, one of the most important assets you can have when it comes to dressing thinner? A good tailor. We're not all built like supermodels, nor do we all aspire to have supermodel figures. Most of us just want to be the healthiest, hottest-body version of ourselves. A good tailor can help you by custom fitting your wardrobe to fit you. So what are you waiting for? Get your wardrobe. Get in your car. And get going. Stop at the tailor on your way to the gym.







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