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Okay, so this might be a little off the topic of fashion. Just a little. But it's January. And every January, avid gymgoers see their stomping grounds besieged by wannabe fitness buffs who only recently willed themselves off the couch. Because summer and warm weather are just a short time away... and they envision hot bodies in tight tank tops, long and lean legs spilling out of short shorts, and swimwear that defines every curve in that very near future. The ensuing gym scenes can be annoying — and unsightly.

But it could be worse.

Have you ever wondered where the word "gymnasium" comes from? Me either. But I can tell you that when I found out, my eyebrows raised up and are where they used to be when I was 16, and I chuckled, quietly, until I couldn't help myself and an OMGoodness - are you serious? laugh just rolled on out.

The word "gymnasium" comes from "gymnos", which means naked in Ancient and modern Greek. The ancient Greeks exercised naked. There might have been bare feet on the exercise equipment, but there were no dress pants on the treadmill, or too-small bras on the women — they were naked.

Yep. It could be worse. 

So be thankful for all things. For dress pants, for didn't-she-look-in-the-mirror-before-she-left-the-house outfits, for sweat-soaked shirts, and stinky shoes. It may be January, but summer, here we come!

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