Still Hopelessy Devoted

Grease! is almost here - again. Fox is reviving an all-time favorite musical blockbuster movie in a live performance scheduled to air tonight! And who doesn't love Grease!? I mean, we all wanted to sing, dance, and dress like Sandy and the Pink Ladies, right? And let's not forget the guys who were fashioning their outfits after Danny and Rizzo.

Yep. It was that good. And the fashion styles inspired by the movie are still trending today.

Variations of the leather biker jacket:


Collared tops - as worn by the "good" Sandy:

Vintage denim and a basic tee:

And even the athletes get their due in the trending again varsity jacket:

And Vogue writer, Emily Barasch, couldn't have said it better: "So whether or not you identify with the T-Birds, Pink Ladies, jocks, or goody-too-shoes, there’s some form of fashion inspiration for you in Grease’s costumes. And while we don’t advocate changing the way you dress just for a boy à la Sandy, every now and then one simply feels the need to shed the sweater set in favor of spiky heels and a badass attitude."



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