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Fall events on your calendar?

Fall J Brand j brand jeans pumpkins shop shopping

Everything you need (minus the pumpkin spice). Fall's the best - and that includes the clothing. Find outfits for every event on your calendar. Shop now.(Photo: Mina Suvari in J Brand Jeans ~ Jennifer, DenimBlog)

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I LOVE scary Halloween movies!

candle chocolate coffee giveaway Halloween movie mug popcorn pumpkins scary Sleepy Hollow tag Oliver Owl stoneware mug Trick or Treat

I LOVE scary Halloween movies! Sharing chocolates and popcorn, my heart racing as the scary scenes unfold and the tempo of the background music increases, I snuggle into my husband's shoulder, with just one eye peeking at the screen... Nope, it just doesn't get any better. Sleepy Hollow. Another Halloween movie favorite. Don't forget to enter our Trick or Treat Halloween Giveaway! To enter, click on this link > - then enter your e-mail address to be qualified. You will also have the opportunity to share and gain more entries. One winner will be selected at random and announced on October 28 on...

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Come back, come back...

candle caramel chocolate fall giveaway Halloween pumpkins tag Oliver Owl stoneware mug Trick or Treat

HEY EVERYONE! Thank you for LIKING the link to our Trick or Treat Giveaway... but come back. Some of you forgot to enter the contest! We're not asking you to take a long, boring survey, or to give up your first child - although I'm sure some of you might be tempted at times (tsk, tsk). We just need 13-seconds - or longer if you're a S-L-O-W typer. Just enter your email - and Voila! you're entered to win. Yep - it's that simple. We PROMISE not to bombard your mailbox with emails you're just going to "archive" anyway. We'll...

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Trick-or-Treat Halloween Giveaway!

candle caramel chocolate contest giveaway Halloween pumpkins tag Oliver Owl stoneware mug tea Trick or Treat

"What is your ALL-TIME favorite Halloween movie?" This month, because it's October, because the air is nice and crisp, and because Halloween is just around the corner, we are treating someone to a stash of goodies in our Trick or Treat Giveaway - valued at $65!The "giveaway" includes a tag© "Oliver" Owl Stoneware Mug, Zhena's stackable tins of teas (Mmmm... Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Apple, Chocolate Truffle, and Cranberry Bliss), a bag of Hammond's Sweet & Cheesy Popcorn, Little Temptations Chocolatey Caramel Pumpkins, and Pecksniff's England Limited Edition Pecan & Pumpkin Fragrant Candle.To enter, login below by clicking on the link....

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