About Us


Swanky Bazaar started in 2015, when we were tired of overpaying for the same lame graphic tees on the internet, or at the mall.  Since then, we’ve shipped thousands of t-shirts to customers around the world -- each one designed by us. From businesses building a brand, children's birthday parties, girls going on a group vacation, trendsetting teens -- we give individuals and organizations the best tees on the internet, while keeping the cost to customers as low as possible.


Outstanding Service

Hate working with companies that don't care about you? So do we. Our customer service team prides iteself on being the most helpful, knowledgable, and friendly in any industry.


Super Fast Delivery

Like you, when we order something online we want it yesterday. We don't believe custom printed items should take weeks to produce. In fact, most of our digitally printed apparel ships within 48-hours.


Impeccable Quality

We know our stuff when it comes to printing t-shirts. We're confident you'll be amazed at the quality of our work and we back it up with our Money Back Guarantee.