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Clean & Repair Tips


A seamstress or dry cleaner will replace a zipper for anywhere from $5 to $12 depending on the type of zipper, length, and garment. Or maybe you'd like to try to repair the zipper before opting to have it replaced? Here's a video tutorial you might find helpful.


Rit Dye can even the color in faded garments. Just follow the directions printed on the package.


Biz with color safe bleach will fix that. Just soak overnight and follow directions on the side of box. You can also spray the area with Shout and let it soak for at least 20 minutes, then wash. Before drying the garment, check to be certain theimage color is removed (where it ran/bled) - if not, repeat the process. It will come out.


Dawn dish soap takes most grease right out.


When someone has attempted to steal a garment from a department store the security tag will burst. But here's how you can clean that nasty spot:

Blue, Red, and Purple ink can be removed by blotting the area with rubbing alcohol. Let it set for at least an hour. You will see that the alcohol breaks up the ink. Then using an old toothbrush, scrub the spot while spraying with aerosol hairspray. While using the hairspray, rinse the garment under cold water every once in a while to remove excess ink. It may not all come out at once. Let dry and begin again.

Yellow ink will not fully be removed. Two other products that have been found to work are Hand Goop (located in automotive departments) and Shout (found alongside laundry detergents). Just follow the directions on the packages.


X-14, Mean Green, and number of other bathroom cleaners will remove these spots. Be sure to do a small test spot on a hidden area as some products contain bleach. Spray on the product on the area to be cleaned, let it soak for 15-20 minutes, then rinse. Wash the garment as recommended by the manufacturer to remove any cleaner residue.


Blot with rubbing alcohol and cotton balls until the ink is gone. Rinse with cool water.


These can often be repaired at Shoe Repair shops, usually for less than $10.


Anything on a seam can be sewn by hand or machine. Your local dry cleaner may have a seamstress on premise, or can recommend you to one. You can also successfully use Wonder Under, Fabric Tape, Liquid Stitch and Iron-On Patches for tricky spots. Just follow the directions on the packages.